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Christmas Baubles

Celebrate Christmas


Let's get it sorted!

We've created a Christmas Eve menu with all the favourites! The perfect additions to Barbecues OR a sit down dinner. Either way, There is something for everyone. Let us help you make Christmas Eve easier!

Pick up OR Delivery available - All items are available in our aesthetically pleasing platter boxes only.


  • Sambousik Meat

  • Sambousik Cheese

  • Kabkoubet

  • Oregano Scrolls 

  • Ftayer Spinach 

**Available only in our 60 piece Finger food Box + Dips, Choose up to 3 choices​. You can order more than 1 box


  • Crispy Chicken Sliders

  • Loaded Angus Beef Sliders

  • Plain + Loaded Hotdogs 

  • Shawarma Wraps

  • Falafel Wraps 


  • Fattoush

  • Tabouli 

  • Roast Pumpkin & Feta Salad

  • Creamy Potato & Salad

  • Pesto Penne Salad


  • Coming Soon 


  • Chicken & Rice 

  • Lamb Mansaf 

  • Tortellini Boscaiola 

  • Cherry Tomato Pink Penne

  • Creamy Pesto Penne 

  • Vegetarian Vine Leaves

A few notes...

  • All orders must be finalised by the 22nd of December 

  • If there is anything you are interested in not present on this menu, Note this in the form below

  • All items are available in Medium and Large sizing

Ordering is Easy! 

Just mark off what you would like to order and we will do the rest!

Choose your Salads
Choose your Filled Items
Choose your Main
Choose your Finger Food Box Pastries

Thanks for submitting!

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