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What We DO

/“Sam- book/

Adjective: Derived from the traditional finger food pastry Sambousik, Sambook seemed like a great word to name a business considering that in the beginning, Sambousik was our speciality

Welcome to Sambook & Co, A family owned and grown business and one of the leading Catering and Food Styling companies in Sydney, Australia.

Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our flavours, offerings, and raised the bar when it comes to food presentation.


Our menu boasts a wide selection of flavours and options, with something for everyone to enjoy. Our flavours have been created and perfected over time and we have become known for the fresh and tasty foods we supply for events. 


When choosing our Food Styling service, we will deliver your dishes and stage them on your table. Our creativity and sharp eye for detail has set trends across the Food industry, both nationally and globally. Our signature details, using heaped citrus, different colours, textures, and shapes of Fresh and whole produce, is a staple that has become widely recognised and source of inspiration for so many events.  


We also have a Share Box offering, a take-away option which is a perfect alternative for events of all sizes when styling your table isn’t an option.  Our Share boxes are given as much love as our Tables, ensuring that your order is still aesthetically pleasing when served.

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Our Food Services

Share Boxes 

An easier, more convenient option for your event!


This option is perfect for Corporate Events, picnics, play centre, and home events. These can be picked up or delivered In our aesthetically pleasing and recyclable packaging. 

On Site -  Catering & Food Styling 

Delivered on site for events and styled on our distinctive, custom made statement pieces using our signature designs filled with fresh and raw produce

To see some sample options of the above, visit our Sample Options page on our site. 


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